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Let your mind grow

Not everybody needs to use psyché help, but to many it can bring enlightening moments. Stop searching for your own purpose of life, how to change your emotional or behavioral patterns and wandering through your existence.

Let me help you become the true you.


Psyché work is often mistaken for talking about emotions.

It is okay to not know what is the true point of helping to the mind, as it is a medicine knowledge and pile of experiences making the difference. Our field is able to treat mind as a relevant part of the body, easing the metaphysical struggles and helping to understand how to make stand out your personality in a positive way. So you fully understand your emotions, behaviour patterns and how to make your mind satisfied.


With neuroscience we are able to make profound proves of your unreadable consciousness or even subconsciousness. However the treatment lies in your effort and to make you understood, we need to use that underestimated power of talking.


Federica Gianotti

I am enthusiastic about my work. The field of psychotherapy and psychology is in my work connected with the neuroscience.

With every psychotherapist you need to click first, my over 20 years of experiences taught me to not push alignement of personalities. With my best interest to help your mind to settle and grow, I will guide you to get most out of the existence we were given here. 


Psychotherapy session to support your inner peace, grow your mind and ease you from any existential, inherited or predispositional patterns of your life that just feel like hamsterwheel.


NeurOptimal® brain training

Innovative yet safe and non-invasive neuro training for your brain.


Almost unbelievable, yet true. 

Train your brain with a 30-minute neuro connection while listening to ambient music. The sophisticated technology will help you in many ways - it doesn't matter if you're struggling with emotional issues, your past, or simply want to be more productive. 

NeurOptimal® was developed from the work of clinical psychologists and neurophysiologists, physicists and computer scientists for psychological purposes. We don't see your brain waves to give you a diagnosis, we see how your brain responds to neurological input. It stimulates your brain functions in what you might call a "default setting" meaning it doesn't address specific issues, but what your brain needs to address. 

Neuroptimal is recommended to try, especially when:

  •  You need to relax your mind

  • You feel the need to find new impulses or perspectives

  • You want to push your mind to new limits

  • You need to focus more or you will face an upcoming challenge

The results may surprise you; many patients report feeling a change from the first few sessions, others after three or five.

The brain learns to self-regulate and optimize its performance.

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