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Let your mind glow

Let your mind literally grow. Explore the colorful experience with neuroscience technology designed to foster your brain, to help it with whatever it is struggling with by default.


Almost unbelievable, however true. 

Get your brain trained by 30 minutes of neuroconnection and ambient music. The sophisticated technology will help you in many ways - does not matter if you are dealing with emotional struggles, your past or simply you want to be more productive and avoid your brain to spoil your intentions. 

NeurOptimal® was developed by clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, physicists and computer scientists -  for psychological purposes. We do not see your brain waves to give you diagnosis, we see how your brain respondes to the inputs on a neuro level. It stimulates your brain function in a way that you can call "the default settings" which means that it does not resolve certain questions, it resolves what your brain needs to resolve. 

We do recommend trying Neuroptimal® mainly when you: 

  • need to relax your mind

  • need to get new impulses or perspectives

  • want to push your mind to new limits

  • need to be more focused or ready for some upcoming challenge

You might be surprised by the results, in the beginning you will feel small difference - just as your brain is just more vulnerable to a goofy inputs from outter world. After a few sessions your brain will learn how to self-regulate its activity and how to optimize it.  What to focus, what to foster, by getting information about itself in a real time (just as if it was looking in a mirror).

This is why NeurOptimal® is one of a kind of neuro machines that will collect prizes. 

Please see more on the official website including explanatory video or direct reviews.

We do offer option to try it in my office.

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